ZODIACO ~ Dining amenities at Bahia Vik highlight the surrounding terroir through use of locally-grown and produced ingredients and a continued emphasis on authentic Uruguayan cuisine. Dining on the expansive outdoor terrace, by one of the pools, in the open-air patio or dining room are all options enjoyed by our guests. The menu includes fresh fish and seafood, locally grown fruits and vegetables and home- made breads and pastries all prepared by the property’s talented chef. Of course, meals will be enhanced by the exceptional VIK wine produced and bottled at Bahia Vik’s sister vineyard property, VIK in Millahue, Chile.


LA SUSANA ~ Next door to Bahia Vik is Vik’s beachfront restaurant, La Susana, where guests can spend the day enjoying the beach from a sun lounge while sipping on a Christiania Caipiroska. When the mood suits, guests can stroll up to the cool outdoor beach bar or restaurant for a leisurely lunch including the freshest fish, meat and vegetables all locally sourced and prepared with passion by Chef Santiago Inzaurralde and Executive Chef Marcelo Betancourt.  For the ultimately dining experience, complement the meal with VIK wine. In late afternoon, guests often wander back to the beach, cozying up in a traditional Uruguayan handmade woolen poncho to take in the José Ignacio sunset, described as the best on the planet. The La Susana experience continues into the sunset each day with music and a chill and fun atmosphere creating an authentic and entertaining and unparalleled South American vibe.