Bahia Vik José Ignacio is the vision of a natural and contemporary retreat that embraces beach living with a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors inspired by art and Vik luxury.  Living in the dunes on the Mansa beach you can fully embrace the spirit of José Ignacio by tumbling out of bed onto your terrace and the beach beyond for a morning swim. 


"A sunset that has been described as the best on the planet, this stunning retreat amidst the beach dunes promises superb scenery and ultimate relaxation."


"You have created a little slice of heaven! I can't believe I haven't stayed at Bahia before! You both truly have a vision and eye as I love all the properties for such different reasons!"


"I just changed my flight yet again for another week because I am tucked into a

bungalow at Bahia and  I am in love with the serenity of the dunes, the sunsets and sunrises - 5 am swims in pink light crickets and succulent plants framing the ocean views on the dunes - total swoon! And this feeling of expansive separation only a few minutes away from my maniac social (film fest closing party went til 4 am last night and I staggered in to peace far from the maddening crowd yet so conveniently close).! 

January, 2019


"It is a far journey from NYC, but worth every minute and hour of travel! The location, the Bahia Vik hotel, the staff, the food…absolutely everything was wonderful! We look forward to a third trip to Uruguay in the not too distant future!"